ZK Modelling


We believe that change starts with one person and the only disability in life is a bad attitude

ZK Modelling is specialising in Pageantry & Ramp Modelling, more specifically in these areas:

  1. Evening Gown Walks
    Students will be taught to walk gracefully and with poise
  2. Casual/Themed Walks
    A walk filled with attitude and showing off personality
  3. Beat Modelling
    New and fun way of modelling, "dancing" your way up and down the ramp. No previous dancing experience needed, just move with the rhythm
  4. Freeze Modelling
    Is often seen in shopping malls, where models promote clothing, acting as mannequins. There are lots of different divisions of Freeze Modelling that will be taught in class

We will not be teaching specific sequences, but rather different poses, techniques and ramp styles that students can use to design their own sequences for pageants, helping them to blossom in their own creativity and building confidence in themselves.

Personal Development will be our main focus at ZK Modelling, inter alia: Public Speaking and how to compose yourself in an interview.

There will be weekly classes. One-on-one sessions are available on request at an extra cost.

Principle Teacher Zante Krause

We will be working alongside Model Club, creating much more opportunities for students to partake in Competitions. Model Club is associated with the Dobela Benefit Fund and we are looking forward to get involved in multiple charities and host events to help raise funds.


  • Increase your Confidence,Self-esteem & experience
  • Get recognition for your talents and achievements
  • Qualify for your Provincial & National Colours
  • Personal & Leadership Development
  • Networking & Entrepreneurial skills
  • Become the best you can be!

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