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Company Profile

Star Kidz Indoor Play Park provides indoor, safe and secure facilities for children from the ages of 2 to 8 years old. We offer a jungle gym, soft contained play structures, slides, toddler play area, party venue for hire (2 rooms) and other moveable play equipment. We aim to ensure maximum play satisfaction for all children.

We are a supervised childrens play centre that offers a variety of children activities devoted to the physical, educational, emotional and social development of children. The facilities and equipment used are designed to entertain, exercise and stimulate children while reinforcing good social skills within a group environment.

Parents will be able to join their children in the play centre or enjoy a cold beverage and light meal from our onsite coffee shop. We also provide drinks and snacks for children, should the fun lead to them to being hungry and thirsty. The coffee shop is conveniently situated so that parents can watch their children playing from a safe and secure distance.

The owners, Cindy and Lyle are supported by a team of staff that are child, people, safety and service centric. All equipment is safety-tested and approved through the SABS and our friendly staff are trained in child safety and first aid.

We provide safe and secure parking conveniently situated in front of the store.

Safety and Security

Child safety is of utmost importance to Star Kidz Indoor Play Park and the business will:
  • Install CCTV Video surveillance cameras throughout the store
  • The entry and exit to the store will be managed and controlled by a permanent staff member at all times
  • Install electronic entry and exit gates to ensure that only customers enter and exit with their children
  • Medical First Aid kits will be available
  • All equipment will comply with the required SABS safety requirements
  • The jungle gym structure will be padded and netted to avoid injury
  • Hand sanitation facilities will be available to staff, parents, guardians and children and will be used by staff at all times
  • The equipment will be regularly cleaned with registered sanitation chemicals to avoid the spread of germs
  • Our care-takers will be trained in child care and first aid
  • The coffee shop will be stocked with fresh food and drinks
Our Values
Fun & Enjoyment - Parents and children will have fun and leave feeling satisfied
Safety - for all parents and children to enter and leave the store safely
Honesty - we will provide honest service and products to all customers
Helpful - we will endeavour to operate under client-centricity at all times
Reliable - we will ensure that our products and services are clean, structurally sound and safe
Development - through interaction with other children your child's social, mental, emotional and physical development will take place.


To provide our customers with the best product and service at a reasonable price while ensuring a fun and safe environment of their children.


  • To provide a safe, fun, clean, and exciting indoor entertainment and recreational facility for children from the ages of 2 to 8 years old
  • To assist children to grow their physical, mental, social and emotional competencies through interaction with their peers, parents and staff
  • To provide parents with the peace of mind that their children safety is of utmost importance
  • To listen, understand and meet the needs of our customers through high quality equipment, exciting activities and clean facilities relating to child safety and entertainment